A manuscript evaluation is helpful if you’ve taken your writing as far as it will go and need a reader with a fresh perspective who will offer professional guidance about where to go next.

After an initial consult by phone or video chat, we carefully review your manuscript to evaluate what areas of the writing are working well and what aspects need more work. We look at elements such as theme, readability, characterization, dialogue, point of view, narrative voice, and overall structure.

We then send you a letter explaining areas that need further development or revision, and include examples from your writing to clarify our points. We may draw your attention to any style or grammar patterns that could be improved. We include two hours of follow-up correspondence by email.

Partial evaluation

For essays, stand-alone chapters, or partial manuscripts up to 5000 words (20 consecutive pages):

  • 30-minute phone call to discuss the manuscript and your next steps
  • 3-5 pages of feedback
  • Email access for a week following our call

Cost: $200

Full evaluation

For manuscripts up to 60,000 words (240 pages):

  • Free 30-minute discovery call to discuss your goals 
  • 7-10 pages of feedback
  • Email access for two weeks following our call

Cost: $750 ($100 for each additional 10,000 words)

Please note that manuscript evaluation is different from developmental editing which delves more deeply, requires multiple reads, page-by-page feedback, and takes much more time.