Blooming Writer is two people, Dorothy and Sarah. Our experience as editors comes out of our lifelong immersion in the written word—childhoods spent reading, years of education in English studies, and many more years teaching English and writing. We also love to write ourselves, so we know how challenging every step of that process can be. Since we met in Indianapolis more than twenty years ago while teaching English at community college, we’ve exchanged ideas and worked together on writing projects. We created Blooming Writer to spend time doing what we love best.

Dorothy and Sarah, Blooming Writer’s Editors

Dorothy grew up and lives in the Chicago area but spent some of her younger years in Africa. She earned a Masters in English Rhetoric and Composition from Ball State University and has taught composition and creative writing in Indiana and Chicago for over twenty years. Dorothy likes to read classic literature, science-fiction, and fantasy. Her writing spills out in many forms, from song lyrics, to memoir, to her current project, a mystery novel. Dorothy is a devoted soccer-auntie, taking her nephews and niece to games, swimming lessons, and ballet classes.

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Having grown up on a farm on the border between England and Scotland, Sarah now lives in Iowa with her husband, Will, and her badass dogs, Gracie and Daphne. Sarah’s Editing Certificate is from the University of Washington. She studied English literature at the University of London and the University of Edinburgh, specializing in the transatlantic 19th Century. Her academic work has mirrored her peripatetic life, which has been spent living and teaching between Scotland, Indiana, and Iowa for the past twenty years. Her favorite genres are literary fiction, memoir, and mysteries. When not working or reading, Sarah is likely in the garden with her dogs, tending the peonies and tomatoes.

In Britain, blooming is also a mild swear word, used as an intensifier or expression of annoyance. In the second sense it can denote a bit of frustration—but humorously, with an element of admiration. Blooming marvelous! So when we say “that blooming writer!” we might mean that working with you may be challenging at times, but you’re really rather good.

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Editorial Assistants, Gracie and Daphne: